software development

Modern application development: productive and flexible

The development of software implicates several challenges. A high-quality programming of applications with short access times and an attractive design of the user interface is requested. From case to case it is important to apply the appropriate authoring tools in order to guarantee a seamless integration in your system environment.  To meet the contemporary diversity of demands regarding application development, we currently rely on authoring tools like MAGIC uniPaas, RPG-ILE, JAVA and MICROSOFT Visual Studio LightSwitch.

We develop with the up-to-date authoring tool uniPaaS from MAGICSoftware Enterprises with the registered office in Israel. This tool is a complete development environment, which allows us to develop our software solutions for various platforms and with high user friendliness.
We are in close contact with the headquarters and its development centre, which provides us an excellent First Level Support at any time.
Currently we are integrating with our MAGIC applications the data bases Oracle, MS SQL, iSeries and Informix – used on systems with Windows, AIX, IBM System i und Linux.

Our customers with standard solutions from IBM System i, are supported by us regarding the application programming ILE-RPG and the CL-programming. A part of our core competence is the whole spectrum of the IBM System i assistance – from the installation to the support of the systems and applications.
For our mobile software solution we use the JAVA-development environment.
MICROSOFT Visual Studio LightSwitch permits us the development of high-quality business applications for the desktop client, the web and the cloud.