Everything from one source makes everything easier

Voigt Software und Beratung AG offers a comprehensive service package for your business applications, covering all operating processes and control functions.

The knowledge for this is the result of many years of daily work. In the process, we have gained cross-industry know-how. Our technical edge is ensured by close cooperation and partnerships with renowned manufacturers and providers in the IT sector. These numerous partnerships guarantee a high degree of security via the latest technology; for example, we have been an „IBM Business Partner“ for over 25 years.

A particular strength in the introduction of innovative software solutions is the far-reaching business and technical competence in our company.

The enthusiasm of our staff is a result of the enormous opportunities we see coming our way. But also from the fact that no two projects are the same and the job never becomes routine.

IT  system management

Competent support for your IT networks.

We see ourselves as a consulting company at the interface between the new possibilities of technical innovation and your needs in everyday work. We use our profound knowledge to help our customers significantly increase their work productivity, release hidden potential and keep up with the rapid pace of development in the long term.

Whether it is the introduction of a company-wide network or the integration of existing IT systems: We make your organisation fit for the future. Our system engineers analyse your operating procedures and then realise the complete configuration with user-friendly function modules that are optimally coordinated with each other.

We also ensure the connection of smartphones under Apple iOS and Google Android for you.

System management for your company!

Project management

Use our experience for your success.

Systematic project management is a guarantee for the successful introduction of software solutions. We understand project management as an active task. This includes the tasks of controlling and monitoring, but above all guaranteeing the agreed services.

Good cooperation, agreed milestones and a high level of motivation bring project success. The commitment of our project teams is exceptionally high. Thanks to our healthy mix of „old hands“ and „young guns“, we achieve high levels of success.

Projects mean innovation for your company.

software development

High-quality tools for your software.

The development of software brings with it a multitude of challenges. High-quality software development of applications with short access times and visually appealing user interface design is required. Therefore, it is important to use the appropriate development tools on a case-by-case basis and to ensure seamless integration into your system environment. In order to master the diversity of today’s application development requirements, we currently use various development tools such as MAGIC, RPG-ILE, JAVA and MICROSOFT Visual Studio LightSwitch.

For our mobile software solutions, we use the JAVA development environment.

At IMKE, we rely on MICROSOFT Visual Studio LigthSwitch – making it possible to develop high-quality software for your company for desktop as well as the web and the cloud.

Modern application development: productive and flexible


Extensive support for your questions!

During a project, an advisor from our company is available to provide you with help and advice. For you, this means: comprehensive competence from a single source – a direct contact person.

In order to ensure a smooth and secure processing of your enquiry, we have a support centre which takes up all incoming questions.

The Voigt support team consists of qualified employees who are available to you on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00. Of course, we can also arrange other service times in consultation with you.