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For LPG-companies, information technology has become a significant factor for economic success. Successful companies rely on actuality, quality and availability of information.

Thanks to a fast and selective access to information and lean operational processes fundamental optimisations become possible. Competitive advantages are achieved continuously by a high service level in customer relationships – this implies on the other hand comprehensive and always updated information as well as a high responsiveness of the employees. By the application of targeted information technology a company can hold and enlarge its leading position on the market.
OLGA has been developed particularly for the LPG business and is trend-setter on the market. A large number of well-known LPG companies are using OLGA. Multilingual OLGA-versions are certainly part of our performance catalogue. Even on the international market, OLGA can meet the requirements of central and decentral organisations. The software can be used productively from the start. Afterwards amendments can be done considering your priorities. The permanent further development is affected from practical experience for practical use.

Bulk business
  • Direct access to all necessary customer information by customer contact management
  • Realized interfaces to key partners of the LPG-business
Cylinder business
  • Several cylinder types with different deposit or utilization fees can be invoiced
  • Sophisticated price system
  • Transparent presentation of crucial information as customer data, suppliers and prices, are clearly arranged and can be accessed quickly.
  • Wholesale, storage supply, price calculation, calculation of transport costs and post calculation.
  • Inventory record keeping and inventory control of the central facilities
  • Manifold accounting variations
LPG autogas/filling stations
  • Agencies, chains, own and company filling stations
  • Integrated commission accounting (also several recipients)
  • Active market development
  • Track records of the different activities
Demand planning and forecast
  • Demand forecast regarding filling degree and reach
  • Realisation of CRM activities based on forecast data
Technic/container administration
  • Pro-active inventory control for all storages
  • Involvement of all service providers into the process chain
Commission calculation
  • Sales or turnover commissions
  • Active partner support
Materials management
  • Quantities and values, optimised for LPG-suppliers
  • Integration of central facilities and filling stations
Price analyser
  • Price campaigns according to different selection criteria for active market positioning
  • Simulations of price adjustments
Filling points
  • Accounting for filling fees
  • Administration and accounting of filling points also towards partners
  • Special highlights and surplus values of OLGA – the software solution for the LPG-business
    • With OLGA you are sure to own an approved system in the LPG-business with  a modern software architecture and a strong customer orientation.
    • With OLGA you will experience fast, flexible, integrated and efficient business processes.
    • Intuitive and practice approved user interface
    • Comprehensive help functions, tailored to the processes of the branch.
    • Advantages in competition can be attributed to a high service level in customer contacts. With the OLGA customer contact management you act actively on the market.
    • OLGA is mandator and agency capable, freely scalable and characterized by a comprehensive authorization control.
    • Interfaces towards the partners of the branch as well as portals towards their service providers and customers have already been realized.
    • OLGA is multilingual and complies with the international requirements of central and decentral organisations.
    • MOFA “software for mobile sales“ is integrated completely
    • CASH “the electronic cash book“ is integrated completely
    • Voigt is long time experienced in the LPG-business and speaks the language of the branch. Certainly all our employees do posses the current business know-how.
    • Just benefit from our consulting competences regarding business process optimisation – it will be a pleasure for us to help you!

Due to numerous projects we have been able to acquire our specific know-how in the LPG- business. Just benefit from our consulting competence regarding optimisation of operational processes, organisation and conception of information technology!

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