MOFA – mobile sales

Invoicing and order processing

Directly on site with the customer

Workflows simplified and optimised

Highest flexibility in handling

Highest flexibility in handling


additional feature

Fast and efficient handling in driving sales

MOFA is a mobile software made for on-site invoicing and processing of sales orders in the LPG business. Your truck drivers supplying cylinder or bulk LPG have direct access to essential data relevant for order processing and invoicing at the customer’s location. Besides invoices also other documents such as delivery notes and receipts can be printed at the point of sales.The system consists of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and a mobile printer and offers maximal operational flexibility. Using this smart mobile solution you can simplify and optimize your workflows. In order to reach your customers even faster, the mobile software MOFA can be connected to a navigation software.


Data is transferred continuously and completely automatic, between the truck at the customer’s site and the central ERP system, for example OLGA, via GPRS, GSM, EDGE or UMTS. This ensures current data at all times – on site and in the ERP system. The order processing – including invoicing – becomes faster and more reliable. The manual recording of delivery data at a later time is not longer necessary!

In the bulk LPG business, MOFA also provides the recording of temperature measurements as well as the recording and conversion of kilograms and liters. The flow meter can be connected to the MOFA system. The delivered gas quantity is transferred automatically to the PDA and can be displayed directly in the order – this makes processing of mobile sales orders fast and efficient.


In the cylinder LPG business, the system calculates and displays the customer’s cylinder stock.  Cylinder deposit, utilization and LPG are displayed separately.  Due to the splitting and different customizing possibilities an all times correct invoice for LPG and empty cylinders is produced.We have integrated the strengths of OLGA – the back office ERP software for LPG business.

  • Extensive range of functionalities for sales order processing, e.g. creating new orders, updating existing orders, order overview with search function for bulk and cylinder business
  • Calculation and display of the customer’s cylinder stock – this ensures the cylinder deposit invoicing
  • Separate invoicing for deposit, utilization and gas
  • Confirmation of the delivery data via GSM, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS to the head office
  • On-board inventory management for truck pool and loading control, the current stock on the  vehicle can be called up at any time
  • Route scheduling data for tour planning imported from OLGA – the back office ERP software for LPG business
  • Recurring tours can be planned in OLGA and are automatically send to the corresponding vehicles
  • Invoices, delivery notes and receipts can be generated and printed directly on customer’s site
  • Master data can be transmitted to MOFA according to different selection criteria (e.g. region, sales office)
  • Delivery data is imported into the back office, this allows the generation of automatic warehouse postings in OLGA – the ERP software solution for the LPG business
  • Generation of performance data (e.g. working hours, kilometers etc.)
  • End of tour report: overview of generated invoices, cash receipts and delivery notes,  printout of the  daily report 
  • Generation of tour documents
  • electronic signature on delivery notes, invoices for cash payments and receipts
  • MOFA is multitenant
  • MOFA can be used for the cylinder and bulk business as well as for installation and service
  • flow meter connection
Selected highlights and added values of MOFA – the mobile software solution for LPG Business and gas sales:
  • higher customer satisfaction due to improved service, fast and  reliable order processing – this ensures ideal customer service in a lean organization
  • Acceleration of data flows and business processes within the value added chain due to permanent feed back to the head office.
  • „Just-in-time“ report generation due to continuous data updates
  • Improved handling of customer complaints due to direct access to current and historic data
  • Increased liquidity due to the on-site cash collection option
  • Savings on postage and administrative costs due to immediate on-site printing of documents (delivery notes, invoices, receipts)
  • Minimization of recording and transfer errors due to the data entry on-site. The manual recording of delivery data into the central ERP-system is not longer necessary!
  • Digital and automated data transfer optimizes sales business processes
  • Reduction of customer complaints due to invoice printing on-site
  • Fully integrated with OLGA –the ERP software solution for the LPG business
  • Fully integrated with THEA –  the software solution for the industrial gas business
    • Fully integrated with CASH – the software for registration and processing of cash transfers

Just take advantage of this potential for your truck pool and your installation site and make it easier to keep in contact with your forwarding agents!