CRM – Customer relationship management for LPG

OLGA module CRM

Targeted customer address and the efficient customer dialogue become more and more important in order to compete with the market challengers. For this purpose, use the OLGA module CRM activities! The module offers the possibility to actively take care of your „sleeping“ customers and the “non fillers”. Enhance your success in sales!

The CRM module activities, is tailored to the special needs of the LPG-supplier and you can select your customers easily and transparently. Your sales representatives take care of the professional processing, fully integrated in OLGA. The “non fillers” will automatically attract notice to your sales department.  Individually designed marketing processing’s are generated and executed ad hoc. It doesn’t matter if they are controlled centrally or if they have been initiated by the administrator himself.

With the new module CRM activities you make your package perfect for active sales. It is excellent for the structured processing of your existing customers, e.g. the non fillers. The order and success balance offers you a control mechanism for the management as well as a motivation help for your employees. In this way you can retrieve your „unfaithful“ customers!

  • Structured processing of the existing customers
  • Optimized to the needs of an LPG supplier
  • Comprehensive overviews
  • Supports administrators as well as supervisors/sales responsibles
  • Offers success control as motivation factor
  • Supports notes, resubmission, serial letters, and activity processing
  • Integrated in OLGA inclusive customer contact function and CTI