Container management

Optimized  container management

Container management provides you with optimal transparency regarding your container movements and stocks. No longer leave container purchasing and container regeneration to chance, but plan the purchase and distribution of containers consciously.

We have largely automated administrative processes and shortened the throughput times in order processing. This approach uses the full integration in OLGA throughout the entire supply chain.

This means you save twice!

Inventory control and disposition are among the most difficult tasks of efficient container management. Above all, attention must be paid to a smooth flow within the supply chain. Transparency of container movements and up-to-date stock figures are indispensable prerequisites for a functioning system. The availability status of a container must also be taken into account during processing. Only if you have all parameters at your disposal, you can make sensible decisions about the purchase of new containers, stock transfers or regeneration.

We – Voigt AG – provide you with a good solution with this module.

Since you have all decision-relevant criteria under control, you can initiate the right measures safely and quickly. In this way, you avoid excessive stock levels and delivery bottlenecks. Commission service companies to regenerate and repair the containers at the right time.

Use the existing potential to reduce costs.
With this module you have the possibility to operate your container management IT-supported and pro-actively fully integrated in OLGA. Communication with all service providers – i.e. commissioning, scheduling and feedback – can take place via a web portal.